Dr. Engl Beratung in rechtlichen Fragen und in Fragen des internationalen Steuerrechts

Dr. Sabine Engl
Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH
Mauerkircherstr. 20
81679 Munich
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Good advice does not need many words –
it just needs the right ones.

Whether you wish to consult us as a private individual or a company – in addition to the “classic services” of a tax advisor you will receive from us the benefits of our additional expertise in legal matters and subjects relating to international fiscal law.

Three things are fundamental to our approach to the consultation:
1. Our professional gaze always extends beyond the box.
2. We work with paragraphs and figures, but we never forget the people behind them.
3. We always do everything with professional conviction.

“Good solutions are not always simple, but supposedly simple solutions are not always good.”

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